Behavioral Health

American Indian Health Service of Chicago, Inc’s Behavioral Health Department provides culturally informed clinical and support services.  Traumatic experiences, life… Learn more


Natives of all ages and both sexes have a high prevalence of obesity. Obesity is a key contributor to diabetes… Learn more

Domestic Violence Prevention Intervention (DVPI)

About DVPI According to the National Institute of Justice’s most recent study:  55 percent of American Indian and Alaska Natives have experienced… Learn more

Medical Clinic

The Medical Team: Betsy Luka MD Janyce B. Arguss CNP Danielle Bellinger RN Sheana Dyson, CMA Tyanna Holmes, RMA Natalie… Learn more

Medical Records

If you would like to request medical records, please fill out the form below and fax it to 773-883-0005. If… Learn more

Youth Development

American Indian Health Services of Chicago, Inc’s Youth Development Program (YDP) provides services and programing to: urban, Native identified youth… Learn more