Hope Williams, LCSW
Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Project Coordinator

Values and Philosophy

I work from the perspective that we all have multiple, complex and multi-layered histories and experiences forming the lens through which we see the world. Some of our stories are beautiful and easily shared with the world. Others may cause us to carry shame and are kept hidden. However, as we share our stories, we possess the power to change our personal narrative. And through a deeper reflection, those parts of us which we once kept hidden can be transformed.

Providing a safe, non-judgmental space to explore your stories is the first step in healing and change. I will work to collaborate with you on your path to health and well-being, to provide thoughtful and compassionate care specifically tailored to you as a unique individual. Additionally, I’m deeply committed to honoring the experiences of those who have been marginalized or stigmatized due to their identities, experiences and/or trauma(s).

Training and Experience

My career as a social worker was not always apparent to me, although my passion for social justice has been at the forefront of my educational goals since I began coursework at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2003. I ultimately graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in English in 2009. I spent several years working for the Juvenile Court Schools in San Diego before deciding to pursue a master’s degree in social work. I chose Chicago, and more specifically, Jane Addams College of Social Work, because of the history of social justice in this city, as well as their emphasis on community building and urban development.

My work has taken me all over, from large urban areas to very rural communities. Some of my experiences include working in inpatient behavioral health, Indian Child Welfare, and private practice. Prevailing through these experiences is a strong conviction that families are the experts on their own lives and experiences and should have agency over them.

My position at AIHSC is unique in that I have the honor of serving a community of which I am also a member. As an urban Native and member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, I appreciate the intricacies of holding multiple intersecting identities.

Range of Focus

Individual and Group Counseling

Affirmative Practice with LGBTQ Individuals

Grief and Loss

Trauma Recovery

Sexual Abuse & Assault



Discrimination, Acculturation, and Racism

Identity Formation

Self-esteem and Confidence

Life Transitions


Licensed Clinical Social Worker -Illinois License 149.019220

BA in English, San Diego State University, 2009

Masters in Social Work, University of Illinois Chicago, 2012

Post-graduate Clinical Trainee -Live Oak Chicago, 2015-2016

60 hour Sexual Assault Victim Advocate training, RVA 

SBD Birth & Bereavement Doula