Domestic Violence Prevention Program

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Counseling and Network Services for the Community

The Domestic Violence Prevention Program at American Indian Health Services of Chicago is a federally funded grant program that aims to address domestic and sexual violence in Native communities. Our program at AIHSC is focused on community education, outreach, prevention and trauma informed counseling services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The DVP program has the following objectives:

  • ^Expand counseling, advocacy, behavioral health and case management services to victims of domestic and sexual violence
  • ^Foster coalitions and networks to improve coordination and collaboration among victim service providers, healthcare providers and other responders
  • ^Educate and train service providers on trauma, domestic violence and sexual assault and its impact on victims
  • ^Promote community education for adults and youth on domestic and sexual violence
  • ^Improve organizational practices to improve services for individuals seeking services for domestic and sexual violence
  • ^Integrate culturally appropriate practices and/or faith-based services to facilitate the social and emotional well-being of victims and their children
  • ^Implement trauma informed care interventions to support victims and their children