About Us

About Us


The American Indian Health Service of Chicago, Inc. (AIHSC) was incorporated in the State of Illinois, City of Chicago on December 23, 1974. The organization’s mission is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to the American Indian community and other underserved populations. As such, the organization provides accessible, preventive health care, and outreach services regardless of one’s inability to pay. The services offered are: medical clinic, behavioral health clinic, alcohol and substance abuse out-patient counseling services and community education, diabetes clinic and community education, domestic violence and suicide prevention programs, HIV testing, education and prevention, and community outreach services /community health worker program.

The AIHSC was organized and operates exclusively as a non-profit charitable organization with IRS tax exempt status 501c3. The organization is one of 34 urban health centers for American Indians in the United States and the board of directors consist of eleven-member community-based volunteers of which 51 % are American Indians (PL 94-437, Indian Health Care Improvement Act, Title V: Urban Indian Health Programs). The organization is the only American Indian operated medical and behavioral health clinic in the state of Illinois.

Further information on Urban American Indian Health Care issues can be found on the links provided below. 

Vision Statement

American Indian Health Service of Chicago, Inc. will be the first choice for health service for the American Indian community and other under-served populations. 

Core Values

The Board of Directors believe that our core values begin with “leadership by example” and that the values established creates a balance between how work is done and the people doing the work. That these values are guides for making decisions, setting priorities and the directions we make leading into the future of expanded healthcare delivery for all people who may need our assistance.

  1. Compassion
  2. Integrity
  3. Excellence
  4. Empowerment